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    Our Process of Sharing

  • We have observed that we have been healed during those times when we have been willing to share our brokenness. We believe that God will enter our lives to the extent that we are open to His presence.
  • In whatever we do, we strive to be compassionate and non-judgmental.  We do not claim to know what decision is best for those whom we serve.
  • We do not consider ourselves experts or authorities in matters of faith or doctrine.
  • Although we strive to encourage one another to persevere, and to consider that they have a place in the Catholic Church, we believe it is not our role to coerce others to join us.
  • Healing requires trust. Everything that is shared, whether it is said formally or informally, is considered confidential, not to be revealed outside our gatherings.
  • We recognize that it is the Spirit who draws people to Christ and to His Church. He is responsible for whatever healing may be accomplished through this ministry.

A prodigal son by Masaichi Wakamoto