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The Journey

Your Leaving

How is it that you left? Perhaps for one reason or another, you began to feel like an “outsider,” and in time, you came to believe that that you simply didn’t belong. You may have left in anger, hurt by the criticism that was directed at you by someone who should have known better, or upset by words and actions you considered scandalous and hypocritical. Or maybe you simply wandered away, caught up in the opportunities and promises you believed life had to offer.

Since You've Left

A lot of life has happened since then. You see some things differently now, especially things about yourself. Some questions aren’t as easy to answer, and maybe there’s a sense that something is missing. There’s an emptiness that’s difficult to describe – the one that all your effort and successes in life haven’t been able to satisfy.

You wonder if the Catholic Church can satisfy what’s been missing in your life. Perhaps a friend has encouraged you to “take another look.” But you’re not ready to make a commitment – at least not right now. You’re concerned that you may not feel welcome or fit in. You’d really like to talk it over with someone who’s been there – who left under similar circumstances. Maybe with someone who can understand that you’re not really sure that this can ever be your home.

Share The Journey

We have found that spiritual healing often begins with sharing our journey with others. Our program involves gathering together for several weeks to listen, share and pray. Participants are free to share as much or as little of their story as they choose. We are not here to judge you, and we won’t force you to stay – that’s your decision. The choices you made may have been a necessary part of your journey.

If you would like to join us, or you'd like to know a little more about Share the Journey, please contact us. We know that this can be a difficult step to take. But by taking this step, you may come to realize that you really do belong to this family, and in time we hope you will want to join with us at the table of our Father, where together we can receive His nourishment for the remainder of our journey. There is a place set for you at the table … and we really miss you.

We do not claim to know what path God has chosen for you.  We simply share our experience and observations about our own journey. If you find comfort and can identify with our experience, we hope you will consider sharing your journey with us.