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Lord, we ask that our minds and hearts
Be open and attentive,
Comforted in the knowledge that
Whenever we are lost
It is not we who find You
Rather, it is You who finds us.

We are a group of Catholic men and women who seek to be an open door for our brothers and sisters who have been away from the Church – a door through which they can return and come to know their place at our Father’s table.

We understand what it is like to be away. There are a lot of us who have left for one reason or another – probably a few of us have stories that are similar to yours. We understand that you may be afraid you won’t feel welcome or at home. We are sorry for the pain you have suffered along the way, and realize it may take some time to decide whether you want to stay. But like many of us, you may discover that taking another look can be the beginning of some healing that you never thought was possible.

Our Model

Our model is one of welcoming. listening and sharing:

We welcome all who enter, knowing how important it has been for us to feel welcomed, and mindful of how difficult it can be to reconcile oneself to a community that has been identified with pain and disillusionment.

We strive to listen with the heart of Christ, knowing that those who consider returning have much to share.

We share our own story, as willing instruments of hope and comfort, and to assure those we serve that we who are broken and in pain have a place within our Father’s house.

Join Us

We do not claim to know what path God has chosen for you. We simply share our experience and observations about our own journey. If you find comfort and can identify with our experience, we hope you will consider sharing your journey with us.

We have found that spiritual healing often begins with sharing our journey with others. Our program involves gathering together for several weeks to listen, share and pray. Participants are free to share as much or as little of their story as they choose. We are not here to judge you, and we won’t force you to stay – that’s your decision. The choices you made may have been a necessary part of your journey.

If you would like to join us, or you'd like to know a little more about Share the Journey, please contact us. We know that this can be a difficult step to take. But by taking this step, you may come to realize that you really do belong to this family, and in time we hope you will want to join with us at the table of our Father, where together we can receive His nourishment for the remainder of our journey. There is a place set for you at the table … and we really miss you.